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Who Is Nikola Tesla ?

What we know about our Tesla?

What is his contribution to today’s technology and where is his place in the world of science?

Why is his name still anonymous and unknown to the vast majority of people in the world?

What kind of Serb and Orthodox was he?

Is his name misused today?

Where would humanity be today if Tesla was heard and if he had been able to achieve all of his ideas?

Will the real truth about our Tesla Emerge and when?

Nikola Tesla Serbian

Through this website we will try to answer all of these questions and many more that are tied to our Tesla. Many things remain hidden from the world public and it’s hard to get to the real truth but we will try as much as we possibly can.

The documentary shows the domestic and foreign production that we consider to create the most representative picture of our Tesla. We will try to conjure up the real picture of his personality, orientation and life goals.

Our goal is to introduce the Serbian youth abroad with Serbian legendary scientist and to show, with Christian Orthodoxy, the Serbian second biggest value that God gave our Serbian nation.

We also want to introduce Tesla to many foreigners and present Tesla as the single most important figure for the development of the world’s technological revolution.